Our Top 5 Interior Design Tricks For Condos!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Getting to design your own personal space is one of the best parts of buying a new home! When it comes to decorating a condo, there are a few tips and tricks you should know that will make your home feel like it was designed by a team of professionals. Use these helpful hints to really take your interior design to the next level and design the suite of your dreams!

Pick A Theme

This may seem intuitive, but we encourage you to really sit down and plan out your new home’s décor as one thematic piece. At MDM, we allow for our homeowners to choose from a variety of features and finishes that all work together to provide a warm neutral feeling to your home—from there, you can design your condo to embody whatever aesthetic you like best. Maybe you love the simple elegance of Japandi, or maybe you’ll choose the bold sophistication of the Grandmillennial style or create a style all your own!

Maximize (Storage) Space

There are a few ways you can maximize space in your condo, but by far the most efficient way is to buy furniture with built in storage. Coffee tables with compartments, ottomans that open or beds with built-in drawers are all excellent ways to add more space to your new suite. In general, look for furniture that is multipurpose, like the classic Murphy Bed—a great investment in any condo!

Splurge on Mirrors and Glass

If you’re going to splurge on anything when designing a condo, it should be mirrors and glass accents. Mirrors are a great way to make any space feel bigger, which is extremely important in a more compact space. Glass in the form of shelves, tabletops, or furniture creates fewer lines and opaque shapes, contributing to your home’s sense of openness. Clear and mirrored furniture come with a sense of sophistication that works with any design aesthetic.

Use Your Walls

Whether for hanging paintings, shelves, or art pieces, use your walls to give your home atmosphere without taking up floorspace. Unsure about putting nails in your wall to hang framed art? Try a display shelf (picture a u-shaped shelf) so that you can switch out your pieces whenever you’d like! Art is a great way to support local artists and spice up a space and should be a major part of your interior design. Residents of The Brix can find excellent prints and art at Miller Island in lovely downtown Creemore.

When in Doubt, Add Plants!

One thing condos benefit from most is adding a touch of greenery. Whether you create your own greenhouse or invest in some fun faux pieces, it’s an important part of interior design to add a touch of life inside your home. Even spaces with low light can accommodate plants like Bamboo or Pothos—but a convincing fake is much more low maintenance!

When it comes to designing a condo, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ that will make your suite into your own personal oasis in the sky. Like any home, designing a condo takes a bit of finesse and planning, but as long as you take the time to plan out your space, you’re sure to design the suite of your dreams. Which of our helpful tips and tricks inspired you? Join the discussion with us on Instagram and Facebook!